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The Workspace Business Management Software TASKPAC is a user friendly, configurable, “cloud based” Management software application that ensures the individual efforts of people and resources of an organisation, remain effectively aligned with the organisations strategic objectives and identified critical success factors!


Optimising Business Process Efficiency is one of the key critical success factors in any business, which our TASKPAC Business Management software achieves through the Task Integrity Manager and the integrated KPI Manager Software Modules respectively. The TASKPAC Business Management software allows collaborative virtual-workspace meetings to be held across the web, where task actions are allocated, followed up and prioritised. Notes and Decisions are recorded per Workspace Meeting and meeting records are electronically distributed and archived directly after each Workspace meeting instance. This adds huge efficiency to the meeting processes, while TASKPAC does the managing”.


The TASKPAC Management Software effectively ensures that every task action, across the organisation only addresses management pre-approved strategic key success- and business processes issues!


Being cloud-based this software allows everyone, from the CEO, to the managers, team leaders, staff and relevant clients/suppliers and external consultants to each view their own to-do tasks actions. The pre-configured sign-on credentials of each person determining which tasks they may view, action and approve as completed!

All participating member of the organisation is enabled and encouraged to enter “suggested” task actions into a visible “task pool are” from where such tasks can be assessed, filtered and activated for actioning by the appropriate workspace managing staff for consideration by the next meeting of that workspace. This feature specifically helps trap those good innovative solutions by allowing them to be captured in a semi-formal environment without losing track of them, while creating a rewardable team culture.


The TASKPAC Management Software also provides statistics per individual, per division, per company, in the form of dashboards. This “scorekeeping” gets the job done by building a healthy team with practical control measures for delivering super efficiency during the normal operational activities of an organisation.


Task performance and the resultant task completion integrity is shown as a percentage of planned to completed tasks, which in turn provides a scorekeeping that forms the basis of the International Management Task Action Completion Certification standard (IMTACC).

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Take a look inside the TASKPAC Management Software


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Contact us for an on-screen demo of the software!!

Benefits to Management – in a nutshell

TASKPAC Toolkit integrates current technology to “any-age” user experience at workspace meetings.

Safeguarding current skills while leveraging new technology, makes TASKPAC the current brand of choice!

The configurable workspaces drives applicability to all business/org.types, governments & Local Authorities

Up to date KPI’s information directly displayed per applicable resource at every collaborative session.

Tasks & decisions taken during virtual collaborative sessions, saved and directly e-mailed to participants.

Each Task Action recorded is immediately validated to appropriate business critical success factor/issue.

Task actions of the same completion date and resource are auto prioritised by the task’s CSF priority rating.

External Knowledge Partners like accountants and other business specialists can add value to discussions.

Workspace configurability enables an alternative to the traditional “Departmental Silo” concepts.

However traditional departmental structures can be maintained!

Only the assigned Workspace Manager can approve task creation/ completion and certify completion dates.

TASPAC Software provides exceptional business process efficiency through its Task Action and KPI Modules.

The Virtual Workspacemanaging software TASKPAC specifically combines task action completion management with matching KPI performance controls through two separate modules, the Task Completion Action Manager Module and the KPI Manager Module, resulting in exceptional and collaborative business process management efficiency!


Contact us for an on-screen demo of the software!!