managing workspaces | Our Mission
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Our Mission



We Improve Management Efficiency in Businesses, Organisations and Governments through the Motivation of Individuals, who then successfully assign and complete task actions on time and to plan!Taskpac-logo


We utilise an International Alliance Membership of Business Partners, to deliver and deploy our Client Configurable Virtual Workspace managing software, TASKPAC. Our 20 year internationally, experienced hands-on software implementation methodology toolbox elements combine with the TASKPAC program, providing an efficient client tailored/personalised software deployment option!


“It’s easier to deliver to a stated purpose, if careful & structured thought precedes the statement of action!”


We also provide Management Action Programs through boardroom workshops and outdoor events.


Our TASKPAC software and implementation methodology provides the key to a systematic motivational and training aspect! Participants instinctively develop and apply their personal practical and relevant measurable action plans, for delivering exceptional achievements and worthwhile change.


While coaching Individuals and Businesses on the efficiency benefits of the Taskpac software we also host the International Task Action Completion Certification register. (IMTACC)




We can see our product ‘The TASKPAC software and implementation program assist businesses, organisations and individuals to evaluate and state their compliance to their agreed and defined set of business values.” Some examples of Core values are: Gravity on earth remains constant at an acceleration of 9.81 meters per second every second, and the speed of light remains constant at 299,792.45 kilometres per second. This is the Cornerstone of our commitments.


“Delivering to our stated purpose”