managing workspaces | Who we are
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Who we are

Who We Are


We are a team of individuals, bound by the common commitment to develop and internationally deploy the most efficient user configurable Cloud-based, Virtual Workspace Management Software, TASKPAC.


Headed up by Francois Wethmar: Accountant, Sage Business Partner and experienced within the manufacturing, project management, ERP Systems. Resume available on request.


What We Do


We host ITACC, our International Task Action Completion Certification standards organisation. We deliver and implement our TASKPAC software through internationally registered, trained up TASKPAC Business Partner communities, whom we recruit from across multiple industry groups and disciplines.


The industry groups listed here are just some typical examples, and not a comprehensive listing.


  • Corporate Businesses & Governments/Order Groups
  • Business Management Consultants
  • Financial Accounting Businesses
  • Financial Planning Companies
  • Specific industry Specialists include i.e.
    • Body Corporate Management
    • Hospitality Fit-outs & Construction
    • Property Developers & Estate & Letting Agents
    • Project Management
    • Manufacturing & Plant Maintenance
    • Marketing & Sales/Business Development
    • Business Management Process Efficiency Optimisation
  • Specialist Business & Knowledge Partners i.e.
    • Specialist Professionals & Skills groups
    • Retired Business – & Trades persons

We specifically address Business Management Process Efficiency Optimisation and personal staff motivation through our IMTAC (International Management Task Action Certification program.