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The TASKPAC Management Toolbox Software, has all the business management DNA imbedded into a single interface, merging technical efficiencies with positive task completion assurance!


Although there are currently many excellent tasking software applications in the market, the TASKPAC Management Toolbox niche of specifically focussing and delivering Total Business Management efficiency, makes it unique!


The TASKPAC Management Toolbox Software boasts two current, state of the art user configurable software modules! The TASKPAC Management Toolbox Action Completion certification Module and the TASKPAC Management Toolbox version of the well-known Balanced Scorecard type KPI module. These two modules resulting in exceptional collaborative Business Process Management efficiencies.


During the Software Configuration/Fit-Out the competitive-edge business elements, KPI’s and key objectives are identified and imbedded into appropriate user-definable collaborative, cloud-based Workspaces, where the configured software facilitates the assigning of specific business process task actions to appropriate resources (people/machines) for actioning while assuring completion!


TASKPAC Management Toolbox Software furthermore tracks and controls the assigned task actions per Workspace, per resource to successful conclusion, which enables the calculation, recording, reporting and Certification of each resource’s task completion efficiency factor. This factor then in turn provides a unique opportunity metric for rewarding staff performance and establishing the business/organisation’s TASKPAC Management Toolbox task completion assurance certification.


Where appropriate, Workspace tasks actions are specifically linked to appropriate business processes task checklist which enables staff to view their own progress during task execution, and thereby assuring consistency of business process task output. This business process checklist function not only assures consistent processing efficiency but also “continual on the job” training of staff/resources.


Task action completion metrics, as calculated by the TASKPAC Management Toolbox Software, is easily identified by each relevant Workspace Manager during normal operations.


The collaborative nature of communications during regular Workspace Meeting sessions, facilitates easy co-ordination of multiple task management as well as the “softer” management and staff relationships and teambuilding skills.


The TASKPAC Management Toolbox Software displays task completion Integrity scores on KPI dashboards per resource and resource groupings per Workspace. Task actions assigned , decisions taken and notes made during collaborative Workspace Meeting sessions all impact on the organisation, and are consequently formally recorded by The TASKPAC Management Toolbox Software during the formal collaborative Management Meetings.


Key objectives and critical success factors, each with multiple “CSF Issues” provides the qualification boundaries for task actions, notes and decisions taken during the collaborative workspace sessions.


If business management’s outcome-effort of task action completion is not measured and challenged by achieved to-do completion dates, then completion-integrity cannot be assessed or form the basis for performance measurement.


Some additional benefits delivered by The TASKPAC Management Toolbox Software.

  • The TASKPAC Toolbox Software allows multiple professionals and guest speakers to join and add value to formal and informal collaborative team Workspace Meeting discussions, which again results in efficient and continuous upgrading of team skills.
  • The auto-recording of resources task completion factors provides efficient and controlled options for effective rewarding and acknowledgement of resource performances achieved.
  • Business process efficiencies are continuously in the spotlight by keeping the organisations’ focus and maximum effort of resources on identified key objectives / critical success factors.
  • The independent Task Action manager and the KPI manager modules, respectively keeps the focus on providing the controls for the Task Action Completion and Business KPI scorekeeping.
  • The KPI module accommodates the ability to utilise the well-known “balanced scorecard” concepts and principles, as one of many KPI Reporting options.
  • The BPM Toolbox Software also boasts a fully bi-directionally integrated Microsoft Outlook/ TASKPAC Task Action Manager APP, while any other relevant Accounting related data like cash flow, debtor-days and other such statistical data is directly up-loadable into the TASKPAC KPI Manager.
  • Full Workspace Meeting Minutes, Discussion, Notes and task completion confirmations are recorded, backed-up and distributed to relevant meeting participants after each collaborative Workspace meeting sessions!