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Our Platform

This Management Software was conceptualised in Australia, by Francois Wethmar CEO of More Collections Pty Ltd and we have now released our first commercial version of our Workspace-managing software! Our development tools include: Angular JS by Google, KendoUI by Telerik, ASP.NET MVC by Microsoft Entity Framework by Microsoft, MS SQL by Microsoft with the main languages being C# and JS.


The Workspace-managing software is a user-configurable and a collaborative, cloud based, Workspace Meeting Task Management application, hosted by Microsoft Azure. The Workspace-managing software product suite, consists of a “state-of-the-art” Task Completion Certification module and the Workspace-managing software version of the well-known “Balanced Scorecard” KPI functionality reporting tool.


Outputs from the software includes measurable Task completion metrics, resulting in the International Management Task Action Completion Certification standard (IMTACC).


The Collaborative “cloud based” Workspaces Meeting Types pf the software are user purposed and configured meeting views for recording Notes, Decisions, KPI’s ,and To Do Task actions, each with multiple documents attachments per task action such as Business Process Sub-task action checklists, client / supplier invoice per task action etc. In addition, the software allows users to configure relevant professional built-in business processes “handholding” the novice entrepreneur during the management functional software configuration!


Furthermore, this software application does not specifically distinguish between task action management in Projects and task action management in Business process management! After much research we concluded that, as Dr Edwards Deming Business improvement architects, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (416)-444-8225, Quality Management theorist, consultant and author once said, that “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing”. Both Processes and Projects have to manage task actions!


The Workspace-managing software Workspaces / Meeting Types can therefore be configured (set-up/fitted out) in the software as appropriate for task-action management in both Project- as well as Business Process environments. Typical examples range from informal catch-ups between any number of persons to very formal shareholder and complex meetings like Project planning, Production and Manufacturing management meeting types.


A key objective however for software is simply to provide Workspace Meeting types with the tools for easily creating, reviewing and following up on outstanding to-do task actions, per Resource per Workspace Instance, while recording any new Notes, Task Actions and Decisions as might be required.
At appropriate Workspace Meeting type the relevant business KPI’s of resources are individually and collectively visible for review /corrective action.


The detail of each recorded Workspace Meeting type task action includes an estimated time-to-complete as well as the expected cost-to-complete factor, as well as a “final actual time spent-on completion”. This information then provides the time-sheet workload and committed cost report/dashboard KPI management information. Typical resource information elements could include: People, Machines, Teams, Divisions, Clients, Suppliers, Contractors, Project phases, and more.


Workspaces and Workspace Task Groups are user configurable, and multiple external supporting documents can be attached at task action level!